Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky says it is feared of more cyber attacks in Africa

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky says it is feared of more cyber attacks in Africa

January 17, 2021 Off By admin

Around the world, because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been able to observe objectively a certain explosion in telecom use.

In Africa in particular, security solutions publisher Kaspersky says it is concerned that computer attacks could not multiply in a relatively recent way.

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This concern is based on a surge in broadband connectivity on the African continent. African users have a high consumption of internet speeds lately. Faced with this situation, the Russian cybersecurity company calls on governments and also companies to strengthen their security system much more.

In light of what happened in 2020, as well as projection analyses for 2021, users of digital services in Africa should be wary of the cyber-criminal threat. Everyone will be targeted. Whether it's companies, public bodies or individuals. In a very recent newsletter published by Kaspersky specifically, on January 12, the cybersecurity company claims that these threats will be the work of a group of hackers already seasoned in this kind of practice. One of their objectives would be to steal confidential and sensitive information.

According to Lehan van den Heever, Kaspersky's corporate cybersecurity advisor in Africa, "Our researchers predict that in 2021, where Africa is not immune, there will be a change in the approach of the threat actors to the execution of Advanced Persistent Th[piratage informatique furtif et continu, ciblant généralement une organisation pour des motifs d’affaires ou un Etat pour des motifs politiques, Ndlr]reat attacks, and as such, organizations must pay particular attention to generic malware. , because they will likely be used to deploy more sophisticated threats."

It was found as mentioned above, that Africans are, tremendously demanding high quality connectivity. With the precision of new consumption habits, Africans are enjoying consuming more and more of the internet. Whether it's online commerce or the processing of administrative files, everything is good to best express the use of the Internet. Yet we are looking at all these signals, a recent study published by the International Telecommunications Union called the Global Cybersecurity Index, the African continent is not very well prepared to meet security needs, especially in the face of rampant cybercrime. This is in several respects, including the legal aspect, the organizational aspect, and the technological aspect.

Looking at this, IT security experts see Africa as a fairly rich space for business opportunities for 2021. According to Research and Markets, the computer security market will be worth more than US$23.4 billion by 2023. An open market that could attract more candidates.

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