Cyber gendarmes are now deployed in Deux-Sèvres

Cyber gendarmes are now deployed in Deux-Sèvres

May 31, 2020 Off By admin

Later this week, the French National Gendarmerie announced a deployment of its cybercrime branch in Deux-Sèvres.

Available to individuals, businesses, associations, and even communities, an email address has been proposed and advertised. The idea of providing the services of cyber constables to communities and groups a police and supervision service in order to combat all forms of cyber-stupid acts. Especially the attacks of computer systems, many of which have struggled to protect themselves from them so far. This kind of extension of the national gendarmerie is literally a first in France.

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Regarding the reason for the Reason for the French authorities, in particular those of the national gendarmerie, to such a deployment, Commander Olivier Valois of the gendarmerie group of Les Deux-Sèvres explains: "In 2019, in Deux-Sèvres, no less than 750 judicial facts related to cybercrime" were observed and treated. And that number continues to grow. "At the national level, there has been an upsurge in cyber attacks, even more so since the beginning of the health crisis," which is why "the gendarmerie has already adapted to the fight against cybercrime. " notes the commander. This evolution of the gendarmerie services began on 1 November last year, with the creation of a national centre to combat cyber threats in all forms. This was followed by a deployment of the Cyber Threat Operational Sections (Solc) in different departments of France. The section of the department of Deux-Sèvres is 7 gendarmes, all specialized in the fields of computer security and investigations related to new technologies. The latter did not fail to mean that in this region of France, the coronavirus epidemic has indeed encouraged, as elsewhere in the world, the increase in cyber-mallenement. To some extent, this may continue in this way, especially when it is "accompanied by the development of telework and attacks to the detriment of companies or employees, not necessarily very well protected" note the cyber gendarmes. In the various places where they were able to pass: "we communicated on the networks as a preventive measure." The task of the gendarmes was not simply limited in the virtual field because they also protected the various premises physically, which were sometimes deserted by their occupants, and this as part of Operation Tranquility Enterprises and Commerce. "We also went to contact companies to give them safety advice" to protect their property. The cyber threats section and the Otec have joined together to create a point of contact, says Commander Olivier Valois. He highlighted the email address made available "on which companies, businesses or businesses, such as associations and municipalities can ask us for advice in terms of computer security. Especially a matter of reflex." This address is formulated according to the following syntax: cybergend79@gendarmerie.inte- Taking into account the level of itching, Commander Olivier Valois will state: "We can respond by email, by telephone exchange or if necessary." This was exactly the case of Pascal Bortoluzzi, a digital technology investigator and member of the SOLC, had intervened several times to advise groups of entrepreneurs who wanted to learn about several details related to cybersecurity.

However, cyber constables stress that their goal is not to replace professional computer security experts. "We don't make diagnoses" or facilities for that matter. The role is essentially to advise, to conduct investigations in case of proven cyber malice, or even to counter-attack.

Digital hygiene advice should not be taken lightly. Everyone is exposed in one way or another. The first protectors of our information systems, are first of all us users. It is only by respecting the measures of use that it will be possible to minimize computer incidents, why by eradicating them.

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