U.S. Voters Targeted for 2020 Elections

U.S. Voters Targeted for 2020 Elections

November 10, 2019 Off By admin

The social network Facebook has reportedly made a discovery very recently.

Indeed, on The Instagram he owns, Facebook reportedly noticed that American voters had been targeted by accounts held by people whose identification made Russians believe. Automatically a rapprochement was made with the 2020 elections for the post of president in the United States.

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The discovery was made exactly on October 21, 2019. But for the to reassure and confirm its suspicions, the social network to push even further investigations. Accounts that have been detected were run by Russians and targeting it was done through the publication of message of character policy tending to create some controversy and divergence. Apparently those people who managed these accounts, who now suspended by Facebook, might be aimed at creating a situation that would lead to disorder and havoc on the sidelines of the next elections to be held in 2020 in the United States. on the other hand, it would appear that there were about 3 networks separate accounts. These accounts were operated from Iran. In addition Facebook realized that the managers of the Russian tales did indeed have a connection with the agency Russian national government responsible for ensuring the security and development of the Internet for the benefit of the Kremlin government, the same organization that is accused of by Americans for trying to illegally interfere in elections past.

for the head of IT security policy Facebook's Nathaniel Gleicher: "This operation is largely aimed at American public debate and engages in the kind of political issues that are currently causing problems in the United States, which sometimes lead to divisions (…) The holders of its (suspended) accounts have exploited poor documents produced by real Americans. »

The head of social network security policy explains that there are 50 Instagram accounts and a Facebook account run by people who claim to to be in the United States when in reality they are avatars created by the agency Russian Internet, all of which garnered about 246,000 subscribers. the first accounts were created since January 2019 with an activity that has the main focus of generating more audience in taking into account the objective they had in mind. At Facebook's request, Graphika's social media analytics specialist, Ben Nimmo observed rather curious movements between these different accounts. Indeed, these accounts exchanged between them certain information that was of undeniable interest in voters from both the Republican and Democratic camps. It's publication based on text messages written Americans, plagiarism of criticism of members of Congress, Joe Biden or the current president.

Ben Nimmo told Reuters: "What is interesting in this set, that's what they were doing: copying and pasting authentic documents from real Americans. This may indicate a effort to mask the language deficiencies that made them easier to detect in the past."

At Facebook's request, Ben Nimmo, a researcher at Graphika, a social media analytics company, has revealed that these accounts shared information among themselves that could be of interest to both Republican and Democratic voters. Some of these messages included plagiarized documents written by leading conservative and progressive experts who were critical of U.S. Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or the current president United States, Donald Trump.

Facebook is watching over the next election American.

Commenting on these messages, Nimmo told Reuters: "A is interesting in this set, that's what they were doing: copy and paste authentic documents from real Americans. that may indicate an effort to mask the language deficiencies that have easier to detect in the past."

Nevertheless, Facebook claims to be straddleing the detection signs of foreign influence campaigns on social networks. For this digital platform has even adopted new measures to combat against this form of interference and against misinformation by labelling state-controlled media and by strengthening the protection of the accounts of elected officials and candidates likely to be the target of hacking.

Hopefully these measures will be enough to avoid interference and infox on Facebook and Instagram. But what about other social and digital platforms?

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