McAfee's Cyber Security Predictions for 2020

McAfee's Cyber Security Predictions for 2020

December 5, 2019 Off By admin

This week, the U.S. computer security company released predictions about cyber security by 2020.

The opportunity was for the cyber security company to present certain trends related to cybercrime legislation and technology.

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The company's predictions came from an angle that highlighted artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and research on new threats. The idea is to build a scheme that will promote a clear and clear record of the challenges that will arise with users to businesses and key players in cyber security.

1 – As a prelude, Steve Grobman says that by 2020, hackers will be able to create more realistically deepfakes with the use of artificial intelligence. And this without even having the expertise. This phenomenon is likely to exacerbate the scourge of misinformation, which was already a tool well used by hackers to generate as much disorder as possible.

2 – Regarding advanced threats, predictions first move towards facial recognition. As this biometric authentication system is increasingly used in different product lines and computer technology, it goes without saying that cybercrime will seek ways to successfully counter it or, of course, to damage it, either through deepfakes for example.

3 – At the level of companies that are increasingly victims of cyberattacks, it is to be expected that by the year 2020, ransomware-type attacks will be more numerous and more devastating. There is an increase in extortion based on computer hacking, with the threat of disclosure of often very confidential data.

At the cloud security level, a cyber security company is based on a more than essential element:

1 – Indeed, it believes that the security of APIs (application programming interfaces) needs to be given greater importance. Especially if we have to take into account the increasing automation of the processes that will be used by the players in this sector.

2 – In terms of user safety, new regulations should be expected that should be brought into force to ensure greater protection not only of user data but also of Internet access.

But in all, let's not kid ourselves, cyberattacks will only grow more and more and will become more and more sophisticated. Some aspects of cybersecurity may not really evolve. The human factor remains the main problem for computer systems. At the moment, there is no real strategy except to put more emphasis on training and information for people who are becoming more and more players in cybersecurity without them even knowing it.

For 2020, we should expect an upsurge in the level of attacks come ransomware.

To conclude cybersecurity will be more than competitive with the innovations that are coming.

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