The shield between the EU and the US is on track to protect personal data

The shield between the EU and the US is on track to protect personal data

November 7, 2019 Off By admin

Since 2016, the European Union Commission has been producing a report on the application of the body of text called "Privacy Shield".

This body of texts decryss a legal framework in which American companies must carry out self-certification in order to have the right to exploit personal data generated by citizens of the European Union. According to the report, the results are positive.

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"The United States continues to ensure a sufficient level of protection of personal data transferred from the EU to the EU participating companies in the United States under the U.S. Protection Shield data. The conclusion highlighted the 3rd report of the European Commission published on 8 October 2019.

The post-analysis of the application of the aforementioned text since it came into force is more than an obligation today for the respect and protection of users digital technology in the European Union. At least that's how perceives the activity of the entire European community.

The aim is clear and simple to "ensure compliance European standards for the protection of personal data before they are transfer to the United States. »

Under the Privacy Shield, U.S. companies have the option to apply to join the Privacy Shield membership list. In this way, they self-certify themselves as complying with European rules which are intended to be strict in terms of data security. And if once registered on the list, these companies will have the right to exploit in accordance with the legislation, the personal information produced by the citizens of the European Union. To welcome the progress and success of this initiative, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova noted: "With 5,000 participating companies, the data protection shield is a success. ».

and if the report shows a clear picture improvement when it is possible to collaborate with several companies U.S. to insure compliance with the Privacy Shield, For its part, the U.S. government is precisely its trade, wanted to reassure that "the necessary surveillance in a more systematic way", repressive action would have improved and the individual remedies citizens would function "properly."

However, the report believes that we should not fall asleep on our laurels because much more work remains to be done. For, let's not kid ourselves, we are not yet at the stage of full compliance with the commitments reached during "Privacy Shield". Indeed, the European Commission has nevertheless expressed some regrets about the failure to carry out certain obligations at the expense of the American institutions. on the one hand, much of the criticism is much more about an administrative aspect. indeed, the European Commission believes that certain economic actors can still abuse the trust that the authorities place in them. To this end: "One of the things that needs to be strengthened is the process of (re)certification of companies that wish to participate by reducing the duration of the process. ».

In addition, the European Commission stressed that it expected the US authorities to strengthen its controls on "compliance with the substantive requirements of the shield. and that they will have to tell them all the investigations that are ongoing. "We are continuing the dialogue on digital diplomacy with our U.S. counterparts to make the shield stronger, including control, enforcement and, in the longer term, to improve the convergence of our systems. Vera Jourov.

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