Hydro-Québec and its problem of cyberattacks continue

Hydro-Québec and its problem of cyberattacks continue

August 7, 2019 Off By admin

Electricity generation company Hydro-Québec claims that it repels every day cyber attacks by hackers Computer. This State-owned company has more than five hundred (500) cyberattacks per year directly directed at its network.

Hydro-Québec spokesman Louis-Olivier Batty said, "It's every day. We are victims of different attempts and we must remain very vigilant."

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Hackers at work are trying to to affect the HQ network. Also, they are looking for loopholes reach the company's computer systems and then cause power outages that would be catastrophic for Quebec's economy. the HQ's electricity grid is a component of the fairly important to the security of the country. For example, March 5 Last, Hackers would have managed to stop the current for a few hours electricity systems in some U.S. states, such as Utah, Wyoming and California. According to reports, it was malware. The U.S. government in particular Department of Energy called these outages "cyber-event."

The problem of cyberattacks has become so amplified by the need that Hydro-Québec has set up a special supervision to this cause full-time. The production company electricity does not, however, want to disclose the number of employees in the electricity sector. this computer surveillance team.

In addition to cyberattacks carried out directly on its network, the state-owned company also says it fights thousands and thousands of malicious attacks or attempts on a daily basis.

"With its 20,000 employees and its approximately 4 million customers, let's say that cases malicious interventions can multiply rapidly," added a source close to the Crown corporation.

However, the Crown corporation, Hydro-Québec, asserts that with confidence that its electricity grid has fortunately not been infected and paralyzed by hacker intrusions. Indeed, this could explain the fact that Hydro-Québec has its own network telecommunications that is independent, which makes it more difficult to pirates. Hydro-Québec also claims to comply with strict ordered for power grid operators by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation" (NERC).

In addition, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation informed the state-owned company, Hydro-Québec, that the Group of Russian hackers 'Xenotime' posed a threat to network companies with its Triton malware.

Cybersecurity expert Steve Waterhouse says, "Hydro-Québec needs to take cybersecurity very seriously, because intrusion attempts can come from anywhere." For its part, states such as China could be tempted to intimidate Canada by trying to cripple Hydro-Québec's electricity grid for hours in the wake of the trade war in the Huawei case. The mere use of a USB stick by an employee of the power company from his personal computer corrupted by a virus then introduced into a terminal of the state-owned company could also prove terrible, added the computer security specialist.

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