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Crack WiFi codes

Can we crack WiFi codes?

How to crack WiFi codes?

The dream of every Internet user in the world is to have access to free WiFi.

To be able to check emails or to share photos, the Internet is so important nowadays that it would be hard to imagine living without. WiFi routers have almost all a code to protect the sensitive data that crosses the airwaves. But what makes the happiness of some, is the misfortune of others since it makes the access impossible to the users being there not being invited to connect to Internet.

That's why some smart guys found a parade by hacking the router's WiFi code. With a simple laptop or smartphone and software PASS WIFI for example, you will be able to crack the protection and connect to the Internet illegally because remember, hacking an information system without having previously been granted access is liable to jail.

PASS WIFI exploit a wireless vulnerability in routers that let everyone connects to the WiFi network.

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How to access the Internet without being illegal?

Well simply by hiking in access "WiFi zone". Generally, these are bars or restaurants that offer their customers a free connection point to build loyalty. The WiFi code is often written on the receipt or displayed at the entrance. It is also possible that there is no code and in this case it is a WiFi access zone.

This is not without risk because anyone could connect to it and divert the information that passes. If a malicious hacker wants to intercept your email credentials or your credit card when you make purchases, he can. It is for this reason that it is very important to pay attention when we connect and especially to ask the question if what we are going to do is important or not, we must know how to estimate the risk to take in this kind of situation.