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Crack a GMail hacked password

Can a cracked GMail password be hacked?

Can we crack a GMail password?

The numbers are horrible, but Google has said that more than 250,000 passwords are hacked every week! It can happen to anyone and anytime. The GMail company tries however by all means to protect the accounts of its customers by always innovating new functionalities but this is never enough in front of the hackers.

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To crack a GMail email, they use several possibilities, bruteforce solutions, address simulators IP with a VPN server, theft of a mobile phone number, etc... the list is very long and Google will always be a little late in the face of these geniuses hackers.

There is no solution to avoid this GMail hack, caution is the most useful technique in this case. An email that seems odd? Put it directly in the trash! It's like a call we receive, if the person really wants to join you, either they leave a message or they call back. If you delete a legitimate email that you thought was dangerous, then the person will try to contact you or even call you if they have your phone number.

A cracked GMail password can be hacked again, anything about IT can be hacked, even a second time. Flaws exist and they will always exist, even if the GMail team corrects them. The proof is that Google asserts itself in a statement that it is impossible to secure a 100% account with his contacts. For this reason it is recommended to make regular backups of all messages and contacts. A good antivirus or a firewall will be useless at all, the best protection is yourself!


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