Hack WiFi passwords

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How to Hack Wifi passwords?

WiFi networks are part of everyday life and many people would like to connect to them for free.

The owners of WiFi routers or access points can allow free access to their WiFi without a code or any protection, but for what purpose? Out of kindness? It's possible, but also to be able to hack all your content and spy on you!

Once a computer or smartphone is connected to a network, it is visible to all other connected devices. It is important to have a good firewall so that no unwanted person can enter their private space. But that's not all, if a network is private and therefore secured with an access code, it is possible to break this lock.

Hackers use techniques to hack a WiFi code. They use packet analyzer that will simulate a connection and then try a whole bunch of possible and unimaginable combinations. The 3 minutes to crack WiFi. Useful when they need emergency internet access to send an email.

How do you proceed when you want to access WiFi that is protected by a password that you don't have? Do you perhaps use any tricks that we have already mentioned above?

If you're not a hacking specialist, we have something you might be interested in. Indeed, WiFi passwords are usually long and difficult to remember. We are also not immune to a potential computer attack that could allow a hacker to prevent you from using your Hotspot. The solution to easily access any WiFi router, regardless of protection, is our computer program that we presented above: it is PASS WIFI.

Find a WiFi password
This is how WIFI
is hacked using PASS WIFI.

PASS WIFI is an application that has been designed to be used by anyone. With this software, there is no question of being an expert in hacking. Even a beginner can use it.

What exactly can it be used for?

PASS WIFI opens the door for you to access any WIFI network regardless of its security. Thanks to these powerful algorithms, it makes it very easy to find any WiFi password and allow you to connect to the Internet no matter where you are.

How does WIFI PASS work?

It should be noted that the software in question here can be easily used regardless of the platform concerned. Indeed, this computer program is compatible with all operating systems. You can therefore use it on your smartphone, your computer and your digital tablet.

Its use is simple, you will have to follow only three easy steps:

  1. Download and install the software on your terminal (smartphone, computer or tablet).
  2. Then start the WiFi network search. Once the search has been launched, our computer program will allow you to detect all the active Hotspots in your surroundings;
  3. Choose the WiFi network that suits you or that you want to use to connect. The software takes care of decrypting all the protection measures on its own to provide you with the password. And that after just a few minutes!

Also, when you download PASS WIFI for the first time, you have a 30-day trial. At the end of this trial period, you are either satisfied, which is a certainty, or you are reimbursed. Then you no longer have to hesitate.

Try it now from the official site and get rid of the hassles that might slow you down while connecting: https://www.passwordrevelator.net/en/passwifi

What is dangerous is that if someone has access to your Internet connection, you are the one responsible for it. The law is very clear on it, the disorders are your responsibility. If the hacker does illegal things like downloading movies, music or worse, communicates with terrorists, you will be responsible for it. The police will trace your connection IP address and it will be up to you to prove your willingness to cooperate with justice by demonstrating that you have nothing to do with it. To do this, on your computer, go to the "Network" tab then look at the list of connected devices. If there are devices connected to it without being prompted, you can revoke them with their MAC address.

In addition, let's take a tour of the alternative techniques used by cybercriminals to hack your WiFi:

The keylogger

Hack WiFi password using Keylogger

Keylogger is usually classic when someone aims to hack into a WiFi network.

How does this computer program work?

It should be noted simply that the keylogger falls under the category of spyware. It is therefore a malicious program whose use is prohibited by law. Its operation obviously depends on its installation on a computer device of the target.

How does this install given that it is malware?

Quite simply by detours. If the hacker is someone who is close to you, he may attempt to install them manually by grabbing your computer terminal. Let's say this is the easiest method. But if it's someone from afar, he will definitely try to push you to install it yourself. Either by convincing you to install it for any reason. Or, by trapping your connection with phishing methods.

As its name suggests, the keylogger is a computer program that finally gives its user the possibility of knowing everything that is typed on the keyboard of an infected terminal. In other words, if you are contaminated by this kind of programs, it will be easy for the hacker to recover your login credentials and hack your WiFi. The only way to circumvent hacking by a Keylogger is to use a virtual keyboard. Indeed, your mouse will be your keyboard, no physical key will be pressed so no hacking will be done.

Man in the middle attack

Middle man WiFi hack

In the context of WiFi, the man-in-the-middle attack stands out as one of the most effective methods.

How exactly does this technique work?

In the man-in-the-middle attack, the objective of the cybercriminals is to create a barrage which will take the form of the user's targeted platform. In other words, this consists of pretending to be the computer server or the computer terminal with which the user wants to communicate. But it's not enough to impersonate this terminal. The idea is to act as a bridge. Clearly, the criminal will be the intermediary between the WiFi network of his target and the target itself.

So what's the point of all this?

This is very easy to guess, if the user believes he is connecting to his own WiFi Hotspot, he will try to authenticate his connection. For this he must enter the password. However, by doing this it is the cybercriminal who receives all this information. Data that can be used for a hacking project to the detriment of the user.

Password recovery

Recover WiFi password

There are several ways to recover the password of a WiFi network to connect without even going through the WiFi owner. The method will vary depending on the type of device whether it is a computer or a smartphone.

What is the technique for using the command prompt?

For a computer running Windows, here is the procedure you need to follow:

  1. Open " Command Prompt ". Then go to administrator mode. To do this, search for " CMD ", then click the right button of your mouse to open and run as administrator.
  2. Then enter the following command: " netsh wlan show profile name= vpnmagfr key=clear | findstr Key ". Actually hit the enter key. You will see just next to the " Key content " field the password displayed in plain text.
  3. Then replace " vpnmagfr " with the name of your " SSID " network of the WiFi access point with which you want to connect and you're done.

For computers running Mac OS, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Open the terminal and then enter the following command: " security find-generic-password -wa vpnmag.fr ". During the procedure when you are asked to authenticate, you will need to use your Mac username and password.
  2. Then, you press OK and the password appears in clear text.

As for Android devices, the technique is much simpler:

Go to " settings ", then " connection ". Then click WiFi. You will see just at the top right a QR code. Click on the QR code and scan it. It will allow you to connect to WiFi without even needing the password.

Use a Trojan horse

Hzack WiFi trojan

We return to the category of malicious software like the previously mentioned Keylogger. Unlike the keylogger, the Trojan can be much easier to install on a target device. Indeed, it has the ability to hide behind a legitimate application that can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store or even from the Appstore. It may even be basically a legit application that hides its malicious functionality. The Trojan horse can then be used as classic spyware. That is, the hacker can exfiltrate your login data. And it can go far beyond simply stealing login data. It can also infect all WiFi as a whole and monitor all your traffic and that of the people who will use the Internet of this same Hotspot.

Social engineering

Social engineering hack WiFi

We return to a much more simplistic category which does not necessarily call for a very good mastery of hacking.

If social engineering is a technique that has been around for a very long time, it must be said that it is since last year that the practice has seen a very significant increase in its popularity. Especially with the Twitter hack. Social engineering is therefore this method which essentially draws its source from social relations, hence its name. In other words, the hacker who is behind the social engineering will first aim to make friends with you. When you are close enough, he will now seek to look at information of a somewhat personal or technical nature. Thanks to this information that he will have collected,. Consequently, one has the impression of being much more involved in manipulation than in actual computer hacking. However, it is clear that this technique really works and has already proven itself.

Password cracking

Crack WiFi password

We are talking here about a technique that will be used a lot against WiFi Hotspots. Some hackers do not have time to do a lot of procedure in order to hack the password of a WiFi. So how do they do it? It is very simple. It uses software sophisticated enough to compose thousands or even millions of possible password combinations. The objective is to be able to find the password through random combinations. It can take 2 seconds, days, months, years depending on the difficulty of the password. There is the much more organized and less random variant which is the dictionary attack. The common points between the dictionary attack and the classic password cracking reside in the fact thatfind the right password. The difference is essentially that the dictionary attack relies on a set of passwords or combinations collected and stored in a " dictionary ". In other words, here the hacker does not create new combinations, he only tries combinations that already exist. He harvested them in different ways. Either using scrapping or taking advantage of data leaks to harvest loose databases. Which of course is not uncommon in the industry.

It is therefore appropriate to consider how to protect yourself.

If you are the one using a Hotspot and need to improve your security, here are some tips that might help you stay safe:

  • Reduce the visibility of your WiFi Hotspot
  • Create a strong password
  • Protect your computer device
  • Avoid links received by messages
  • Change your password regularly

  • Reduce the visibility of your WiFi Hotspot

    Hide WiFi network

    A WiFi that is easily detectable by everyone can be targeted and very easily moreover… Because who would think of hacking a WiFi that he does not even see or of which he is unaware of the existence. Obviously, one of the disadvantages of this alternative will be to enter the name of the WiFi manually to allow connection. There is one thing that is quite particular, which the need for security can explain and justify that you accept these different concessions. And then being already connected to WiFi you will simply have to save the connection so as not to bother too much.

    Create a strong password

    Create WiFi strong password

    The password is the key to the security of your WiFi if it is badly constituted, it is obvious that you will be easily hacked. Therefore you should know that keeping your Hotspot's default password is the worst mistake possible. Cybercriminals are usually on the lookout for this kind of negligence. First please change your password. Then do not think of using your personal information for the composition of this same password. Follow the rules of good practice in terms of creating a password. Finally, if you want to keep your Hotspot secret and safe, don't write the password on bits of paper that can be lying around anywhere.

    As for the composition of the password, it must be excluded dates of birth, birthdays or even telephone or bank account numbers. Cybercriminals already know the trick! Also, don't use the name of a loved one or your child. Disregard your privacy because it's the first thing cybercriminals will look for to hack you.

    Protect your computer device

    Protect device with password

    Whether it's a computer or a smartphone, you have to think regularly about its protection and security. Because vulnerability can come from where you least expect it. To avoid being exposed to the malware that we mentioned above, namely the keylogger or the Trojan horse, you must avoid downloading any application. You should also not use applications that come from application stores other than the most official, namely the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. Also, you should favor the use of antivirus software to increase the security of your device. Because we cannot know exactly when we are infected or not. Have a protection program that can ensure this and in addition not to be neglected. What's more, it is important to run its updates. Updates will allow you to close security vulnerabilities that are discovered either by your terminal manufacturer or by a software publisher that you commonly use. Don't be careless with its updates and take care to perform them on time and without delay. Finally, the security of your computer device is not complete if everyone can access it as they want. Indeed, you must ensure that access to your smartphone or computer is locked. For what reason do you think? Knowing that we tend to log our connection to our WiFi, it is not uncommon for traces of these connections to remain in our device. As we mentioned above, being able to easily access your terminal gives the advantage to anyone who wants to hack your WiFi. Therefore lock access to them. Use a password or biometric security method.

    Avoid links received by messages

    Link received by message

    There are several methods used by cybercriminals to trick you into infecting your endpoints. They can also go through links. Therefore, when you receive a message with a link that invites you to perform an activity when you have not engaged anything, simply avoid clicking on this link. If you really want to check what's behind the link, try accessing it directly from your browser.

    Change your password regularly

    New password

    It is important that you change the password that allows you to connect to your WiFi Hotspot with some certainty. This is explained by a very obvious reality: Data Leaks. We are not immune to data leaks. Especially when the majority of those leaks are beyond our control. Leaks can expose our personal information without us even knowing it. It is in this context that hackers can use it and hack you. So the best method is to change the password regularly to protect yourself since the old one is already compromised.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Is it legal to hack WiFi passwords?

    Hacking into WiFi networks without authorization is illegal and punishable by law in most countries. It violates privacy and security laws.

    2. Can anyone use PASS WIFI?

    Yes, PASS WIFI is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by anyone, regardless of their expertise in hacking. Even beginners can utilize it effectively.

    3. What platforms are compatible with PASS WIFI?

    PASS WIFI is compatible with all operating systems, including smartphones, computers and tablets.

    4. How does PASS WIFI work?

    PASS WIFI uses powerful algorithms to decrypt WiFi network passwords automatically. Users need to download and install the software, conduct a WiFi network search and select the network they want to connect to. PASS WIFI then provides the password within minutes.

    5. Is there a trial period for PASS WIFI?

    Yes, PASS WIFI offers a 30-day trial period for users to test the software. If unsatisfied, users can request a refund.

    6. What are the risks of having someone access my Internet connection?

    If someone gains unauthorized access to your Internet connection, you could be held responsible for any illegal activities conducted through it. It's essential to safeguard your connection to avoid legal consequences.

    7. How can I protect myself from WiFi hacking?

    To enhance WiFi security, consider reducing the visibility of your WiFi network, creating strong passwords, regularly changing passwords, avoiding suspicious links and protecting your devices with security software.