Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 computers are vulnerable since critical security flaws were discovered

Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 computers are vulnerable since critical security flaws were discovered

mars 26, 2020 Non Par admin

The information was given by Microsoft earlier this week.

Apparently on Windows 10 versions, Windows 8. 1 and 7, there would be a fairly serious security flaw endangering the terminals. According to the American giant, there are possibilities that this security breach has already been exploited, by hackers at the time of talking. At the moment, no security patch has yet developed to fill the vulnerability.

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in Redmond's firm noted on its official page: "Microsoft aware of limited targeted attacks that can exploit vulnerabilities uncorrected in the Adobe Type Manager library and provides following instructions to reduce the risk to customers up to the top of the release of the security update, "

According to Microsoft's various explanations, the security breach would be due to an anomaly that would come from "a bug in the Adobe Type Manager library and a bug in the Windows Explorer's visualization pane. ». however the effects do not seem to be fully expandable. On the other hand, it could be that thanks to this security flaw, a hacker can run to remote malware from the moment the viewing tab is open. Some of the clues collected by Microsoft allowed it to deduce that some hackers have already taken advantage of the vulnerability. And that this may be the case now.

the Windows versions affected by the flaw are Windows 10 and all the others microsoft's operating system. It has also been noticed that the most impacted versions are:

– Windows 10

– Windows 8.1

– Windows RT 8.1

– Windows 7

– Windows Server 2012

– Windows Server 2016

– Windows Server 2019…

However all versions are affected by the security flaw. So many people wondered if Microsoft would produce a security patch for Windows 7 when we know that the American giant had decided to abandon its old system. We don't know anything about it, but what's for sure, Redmond's firm will soon be providing a security patch by April through the famous Patch Tuesday. "Microsoft is aware of this vulnerability and is trying to find a fix. Updates that fix security flaws in Microsoft software are usually released on the Update Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month.

This fixed schedule allows our partners to plan their quality assurance and IT operations, as well as ensure the reliability and security of the Windows ecosystem for our customers. Versions of the operating system affected by this vulnerability are mentioned below. Check mitigation and workarounds for risk reduction instructions. ». Redmond's firm said on its page.

To protect itself while waiting for the security fix to come, Redmond's firm advises its users to disable certain features that affect the problem file explorer display.

On the Windows 10 version, here's how to disable these features:

1. Open Explorer

2. Click "Show"

3. Turn off the "Visualization Stream" and "Details" options

4. Return to file explorer

5. On the "Show" tab, go to "Options" and click "Change The Search and File Options"

6. Click "Show," "Advanced Settings," check the "Show" feature Always display icons" never use "miniatures"

7. Save your settings once the set is changed.

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