How do I create random passwords?

How do I create random passwords?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Is the mere thought of seeing your personal files hacked cold in your back? It must be said that with the scandals of stolen stars photos multiplying, you are quite right to want to protect your personal data by an "inviolable" password, if not almost. Here's how to create a password that's hard to hack but still easy to remember.

Number of characters

The longer a password is, the harder it is to hack. So, since most sites allow you to have a 12- or even 14-character password, why not take advantage of it? Capitals, tiny, numbers, special characters, you have to dare the mix of characters if the site allows. This will make piracy more difficult.

Focus on randomness

The first mistake of users is to use words that mean something to them, nicknames known to their loved ones or important dates. So forget the "123456," "soft, folding," etc. His date of birth, the date of his marriage, or the first name of his youngest are too predictable Choose a password composed of different characters that has no meaning in the dictionary.

A password that can be remembered

So the big question is: how to remember "5Yu/tçRDz"? It's impossible, let's be honest. The worst thing would be to have to write your password on a post-it next to your keyboard. The best solution is to mix existing words with special characters. So when you create your password, choose two words of objects that are around you. For example, "cook" and "radio." Then complete these two words with special characters. Your password can therefore be "1Cuisière7rAdio" which is 15 characters.

It's up to you to use your imagination!

Other ideas

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