How do I create a password based on my experience?

How do I create a password based on my experience?

June 10, 2016 Off By admin

Choosing your birthday or your wedding date as your password is no longer reliable. People close to you will easily guess. Choose between the following methods to create your hard-to-guess password based on your experience.

Take inspiration from what you love

Creating a hard-to-guess password is one thing, but it has to be easy to remember. Anything, but something you like. Take a name of food you love, a number you love and you can combine it with an animal name you love.

For example: "huit_chiens," "4humbourgers" or "24foot-ball," and you can add a symbol you like, etc. Or take a passage from a book you love. Take the word you like the most and put the page and paragraph where it is. For example: "5chariot307."
Whatever your favorite word, it's better if the password is a little long for it to be reliable.

Eliminate all vowels

This time you build a sentence, compose a group of sensible words. For example,"900 good times" or "a pretty woman on the beach." By removing the vowels, these groups of words become "prdrdbntmps" and "njlfmmsrlplg." If this method doesn't suit you, you can replace vowels with their alphabet rank.
Take the first group of words: "pr5ndr5d21b15nt5mps." But, there you can take a slightly shorter group to retain your password easily. Finally, you can take one or two words where you will write the consonants and followed vowels first.
Example: "beautiful girl" and it becomes "bllflleeie"

Other ideas

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