Password generators

Password generators

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Password-generating software is one of the ways to create a good password as we saw in the previous article, namely a secure password.
These programs, which are easily found online, are also relatively easy to use.

How password generators work

  1. Start by selecting your options.
    You can ask to include in your password capital letters, tiny, numbers and special characters (which we highly recommend).
  2. With some software, it is even possible to ask that there be no characters that could be confused as o and 0 or 1 and l.
  3. Then choose the desired length of your password, and the program takes care of the rest.

The benefits of automatic generators

The benefits of such a system are manifold.

First of all, it's a real time saver. In fact, rather than torturing yourself by choosing a personal item that is not known to anyone around you to build their password, you just need to set up the generator to get a combination.

If you're very worried about the security of your password, some software even tells you how long it takes for a malware that generates a million combinations per second to crack the password you get, i.e. up to a century.

Free software

The password generators you can find on the internet are overwhelmingly free.

So here's another reason to use them without moderation. However, since the generated passwords can quickly be forgotten because of their complexity, you can quite store your passwords in a managerial software.

So, with one password, you'll be able to access all the others and you won't have to memorize them.

Paid solutions

Of course, there are also paid solutions to generate and manage your passwords.It's up to you to make your choice

Other techniques for creating passwords

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