Keep and remember passwords

Keep and remember passwords

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It's impossible to file a folder on passwords without dealing with the difficulty of keeping them. Fortunately there are all kinds of very simple techniques to manage your passwords.

The importance of managing your passwords well

A password that is not retained is a password that is not of great use.
What's more, websites often send emails to your email address in order to give you back that password. Anyone accessing your inbox is therefore likely to find it and access your data.
A password that is not retained is therefore, by extension a flaw in the security of your information.

Manage your passwords

Assuming that all passwords must be different, it can quickly become more difficult to remember them all.

So it's a great temptation to write them down on a computer file, or send them to your web message. However, this practice is risky, as it always leaves a very significant risk to your data in the event of a hack.

To help you manage your different passwords, there are now specially adapted tools such as management software. These allow you to store all your passwords for you, and allow you to choose complicated and therefore secure combinations that you can finally use without forgetting them.This article will allow you to learn more about it.

Changing your password

To ensure the security of the password, it is essential to change it regularly.

Indeed, if applied that you may be making sure to be the only one who knows your password, it is quite possible that spyware could have spied on your keyboard and steal your password.
What's more, one of the sites you have an account on may be the victim of data theft, and your password may be part of the stolen information. It is therefore necessary to change your password regularly. Find out what best practices are for changing your password here.

Protect your password

The protection of a password is played out in its very design: it is therefore important to be creative and not to use all-made words for example.

AZERTY or 12345 combinations are also to be avoided, as they are the first to be attempted by hackers. Finally, to effectively protect your password, and while it may seem basic, it is important not to share it with anyone. Protecting your password can be complex, which is why we have detailed everything in this article.

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