My Facebook profile has been hacked, what to do?

My Facebook profile has been hacked, what to do?

July 22, 2019 Off By admin

It is not uncommon for Facebook accounts to be hacked.

Let's even say that this is very common. The digital world is made up of smart little ones who seek to take advantage of the system's flaws as they see fit. What can you do against them? What is the reaction to the hacking of your Facebook? React! You mustn't let them win.

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several options are possible when you get hacked the Facebook account. you can choose to get your account back under certain conditions. You can also think about deleting your Facebook account to preserve you if you fear certain things. Or in you have the opportunity to file a complaint counter pirate although you don't know who it is. If you're vindictive, why not try to find him.

in this article, we'll give you tips on how to better manage this kind of situation. Your account is hacked, in which case follow us well!

Hacking into a Facebook account, how do you do it?

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Report your hacked Facebook account!

from the moment you realize you're hacked, your first reaction is to report it

You can do them at Then click on "I think my account has been hacked" and follow the directions that Facebook will give you.

Delete his hacked Facebook account.

It's the most common action when you discover that your account is hacked. say it is also the safest. Users often struggle but it is best not to take any risks and leave this data within reach necessarily malicious people.

for delete your account permanently (because you can suspend it too) what the Facebook site recommends above all: "You can request that your account be permanently deleted. Remember that you will not be able to reactivate your account or recover any added content. Beforehand, you may be able to want to download a copy of your facebook information. Then, if you want your account permanently deleted without an option account and let us know.»

Now as for the final deletion procedure, you have to go to this link Once logged in follow the instructions. After that you will have fourteen (14) days to retract. After these two (2) weeks, your data will be erased. Then permanently erased under Ninety (90) days. Time to allow you to recover them if needed.

Suspend your Facebook account Hacked.

this possibility is also available to users who are victims of hacking. Admittedly, it is less data-secure, but it has at least the merit of being often useful.

For the procedure, you just have to go into the settings of your account. You click "General" then "Manage the account." You will have to choose "Deactivate the account." Facebook will ask you to give the reason for your deactivation. Then you'll only have to validate the action by clicking one last time on "Deactivate."

concerning Deactivation, the Facebook Site means this: "By deactivating your account, you are deactivating your profile and delete your name and photo from most of the content you need you shared on Facebook. Some information will remain visible public, such as your name in their friends lists and the messages you have Sent.»

Get his hacked Facebook account.

It is possible to recover your account when hacking prevents you from accessing it. To do this, log on to Facebook's help page by clicking on this link

Click then on the nail t "My account was hacked"

Enter after your email address. The one you registered with on the Facebook site. If you don't forget yourself or if you doubt this address, enter your username or mobile phone number. Click by more on "Search."

Enter password to your Facebook account (in case of change by the Facebook account or hackers, Facebook recognizes previous passwords). Click " Keep going."

You will be asked to link your email account to your Facebook account. You can also ask the site to send you a reset link on your email address (or registered mobile phone number). Make your choice and click "Continue." You'll get your Facebook account back as well.

But it is recommended after recovering it to delete it in case the hacker could still access it. So be quick enough and wise enough.

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