Some tips to create your Facebook account safely

Some tips to create your Facebook account safely

November 6, 2019 Off By admin

Today Facebook is the most used social network in the world.

It has about 2 billion visitors a day, not to mention that its influence has grown since the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Because almost everyone is on Facebook not to say that everyone is on Facebook. we must admit that few young people or professionals do not have a Facebook account. some, on the other hand, others had them, but were reported unfortunately for them, which put an end to the activity of these accounts. If you are not yet on Facebook or if you were and you were unfortunately ejected, you want to create a Facebook account then we want to give you some tips to create this profile safely. because today the use of social networks requires an attitude on the protection of personal data. Because it only takes one simple mistake to be targeted by malicious people. And it can cost you a lot of money.

So follow these tips:

1 – Don't say too much about yourself

discretion is the fundamental attitude to observe on Facebook. Facebook's billions of subscribers and billions of data that make up this web giant. The mistakes that people who sign up for Facebook usually make is to complete the fields presented to them. when in reality, there is no obligation to fill all the fields, to create its account. It is even better to leave some fields without providing any information that remains to clarify. Because too much can be said about you.

This precaution is intended to protect the user from potential stalker, people who are lurking numbers and who spend their time monitoring and spying on others users. For Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS, IT journalists who said: "We tend to be well and fill out all the lines of a form as one would answer politely to a question. Big mistake on the internet! Too much to say is to deliver bar gold to people who are not necessarily well-intentioned. and it can also be extremely damaging to you. (…) Facebook is the best example. It is possible to exist on the social network without too much say of yourself but also without passing for a ghost just good at "stalker" (spying and stalking carpet in the shadow of the web) your friends and/or knowledge. She added: "Whatever the information that you're going to inform, always make it aware of and by measuring the potential risks. The best thing is not to let your "public" profile. This will let you know who can have access to your information, since it will inevitably be your "friends". ».

2 – Don't necessarily put your date of birth

Indeed, we know that the date of birth combined with your standard identifiers such as name and first name can allow some people to access your bank references. don't run the risk of exposing yourself financially for just small happy birthday messages.

3 – Don't add your affiliated phone number to your account

even if this often seems like a good couple idea and his Facebook profile at his phone number. Because not only does this make it easier to connect to account, but it makes it easy to find other people using the phone number you have in your repertoire, provided that the latter too couple their profile like you to their number. otherwise if you don't do Attention, no matter who can retrieve your phone numbers online.

4 – Please do not activate the location

Even though it's fun and often very handy add places to our publications, it can also be dangerous for you, not only for all these advertisers of ads that are taken all over Facebook, but also for hackers or even other people who don't tell you don't necessarily want good. You will be traceable and anyone could follow your Travel.

5 – Avoid giving information about your travels or travel

Indeed, this would be ideal for the thief burglar to take advantage of your absence. your trip won't be that happy if you allow yourself to say it any time on social media.

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