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Can we Hack Wireless Access Code?

There is no doubt about it, the pirate is scary! Most users are not aware that this is a problem and it is even more scary! Even if they grow up in security, the networks of WiFi connections have never been so much in the sights of hackers. Indeed, even with good protection, hackers can capture the waves and decrypt the WiFi key. In recent years, WiFi piracy is becoming more common. Why ? Because more and more users want to access the Internet freely without having to pay. This is the first excuse you will get out of a hacker. In fact, this hacking hides many other things... Indeed, hacking a WiFi is the first step hiding his true identity. By connecting to someone else's network, he is protected and it will be difficult to prove that he is the one who broke the law.

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Generally, his hackers trade illegally on the Internet, download movies, music and make a living on DarkWeb or private forums. They could use an anonymous VPN server, but this requires a prior registration with ID... so why take such risks when you can hack the neighbor's WiFi for example? To find out if someone is connected to your network, simply go to the interface of your box and view all connected devices. If you see a computer or a smartphone that does not need to be, then it is that a hacker has connected to your box. Do not panic, to block it, you can either enter its MAC address or right click and block the device. It is important to check connections on your home or work network from time to time.

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