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Hacking a Facebook account

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Can we Hack Facebook Account?

On this page we will reveal how hackers hack Facebook accounts. You must be informed of the intentions of these hackers, their goals and especially their techniques!

We'll explain the different methods on Facebook hacking. Security is the priority of users, Facebook is doing enough communication on it. Protect your profile and friends who may be later infected by a hacker. You have to read the techniques very carefully, pay attention to attacks and protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Once again, all that we will unveil here is to use to learn to protect and educate. Do not use these methods to do illegal things. Do not do to others what you will not like being done to you! For hacking a Facebook account, some hackers are pushing the limits of their imagination. If two people are on the same network for example and one of them wants to connect to Facebook, the second may very well usurp the login page where we enter his login and password Facebook in the replacing it with a false page that he has created from scratch! The trick is played on the DNS address that has been previously changed and replaced by a false one. The end user will not see anything at all and will think they are on Facebook's original page.

This hacking is often used when connecting to the Internet in public places. When someone connects to the Internet, there is a 90% chance that they want to access their favorite social network. Obviously there are solutions to protect themselves, but at the time the user does not even think because he feels safe behind his computer screen or smartphone.

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